Liam Baggett has over  8 years experience in the aquatic industry. Starting at a young age, Liam has moved from a hobby, to retail, to company founder of Aquatic Rescape. He believes in high quality and reliable services. 



We provide services for all types of aquariums including maintenance, bespoke designs and installation. See below for more information.

Tank Maintenance

Everyone’s aquarium is different, so we are here to help you keep a healthy and thriving environment for your fish and invertebrates. This usually entails regular water changes, filter cleaning and water testing.  We service a range of aquariums from fresh and saltwater aquariums to reef tanks. Whether you are starting a new fish tank or need maintenance for an established tank, we can help you. 

Tank Design and Installation

We also provide a vast range of tank installation options, varying from small desktop tanks to free standing, in-wall and custom systems, in either freshwater or saltwater. We can discuss what type of tank, fish or corals you would like to keep and design the perfect system specified towards yours and the live stocks needs.   

Once specified we can provide our services from tank delivery, tank set up, adding live stock and regular servicing. 

Emergency call out

Water testing

Filter cleaning

Fish delivery

Health check

Personalised services



For a free no obligation quote or if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.



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